Marine Support Services

Support Craft

  • “White tip” 8 Meter Superduck, rigging pad eyes in deck ideal for camera or dive and marine support
  • Supa duck. Another 8m inflatable good as a support craft or drone platform
  • 4m Semirigid rubber duck, with a 4stroke smoke-free motor. Great for, scouting, safety boat, special effects boat for smoke and much more.
  • 4.2m Gemini surf inflatable rubber duck. Perfect for those hard to reach places, awesome safety boat and one of the best small boats for surf launching
  • Crocs. Small stable inflatables, that can be used as anything. Platforms, rescue craft, ferries and much more...

Camera Platforms

  • “Shy Shark” 2.4m by 2,4m ( huge load capacity for that heavyweight)
  • “Black tip”
  • Painter raft. 2m x 1.1m ( perfect for lighting or that extra gear that needs to be floating)
  • Techno Barge 4.8m x 6m
  • Single decks 1.22m x 2.44m

Skippering services

  • Camera friendly skippers for all sorts of floating craft
  • Jetski pilots (tow in, rescue, safety pilots)
  • Stunt pilot
  • Surf launching

Our skippers are some of the best in the business, with a high safety standard. They have a huge variety of backgrounds and skills. Ex-military skippers, surf launch specialists and many more. We can almost do the impossible and drive the impossible when it comes to skippering.

Support vehicles

You can have all the toys you want but you need to transport, launch and recovery all them. That's why we have great support vehicles Arguably the best in the business. Our 4x4’s are more than well equipped to go anywhere and launch anything.

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