Safety protocols

Boasting over twenty year`s experience in the film, offshore marine and diving industry, where safety is paramount , JAWS marine film services is ideally suited to provide a comprehensive safety package for your shoot. Risk assessment , crew training , safety divers and specialized safety equipment are all covered. We follow American OSHA guidelines as well the ISM Code which covers Maritime Safety Management through Llyods of London.

Film Services

  • Support Craft
  • Camera Platforms
  • Diving Services
  • Skippering Services
  • Picture Vessels
  • Support Vehicles


Fathoms above the rest

We boast a comprehensive range of marine film equipment, aquatic and land vehicles and the experience to employ these that enable us to handle all water based film requirements.


Support Vehicles

We have a wide range of 4x4 support vehicles. Arguably the best in the business. These 4x4’s are exceptionally well equipped to go anywhere and launch anything.

Picture Vessels

With strong links to the Marine and commercial diving industry around the world, we have access to a large number of vessels that are often hard to find. From 100 Meter Landing craft to Dhows and Oil Rigs... It`s what we do best

Above and beyond

Our services don't end at pro gear and decades of experience. We offer the extra mile with full fabrication facilities from platforms to props.

Marine Locations

Having worked in numerous countries including South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Tanzanian, Kenya, and Mauritius, JAWS has a database of great Marine Locations, from palm fringed beaches to ancient harbors and great water locations. Covering seas, dams, rivers and more.


We take pride in our work.